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Agency/Reseller Solutions


e’ll be your Creative Jedi

Your clients expectations grows more complex every day with new requirements.

We spend our days creating content, coming up with new ways to reach your targets and optimising your client’s campaigns.

Our team’s passion is shown in every project, from ideation to a full 360 production.

Proven track record


Moksha’s primary goal is to partner with organizations that service Agencies and businesses looking to provide creative content to their clients. This partner-centric focus makes offering creative content solutions to your clients quick and simple. If you have the market, we have the service.

  • We provide a white label solution that let you keep the control over your client.
  • We understand quality and speak client success language.
  • We provide cost effective services customized to your client needs.
  • We deliver End to End solution when it comes to quality content creation. We have mastered it.

What makes us really strong?

  • We have the largest Creative and Execution Team in India
  • We use the best creative tools and provide a process-oriented approach.


Our Solutions


Agency Partners (Ideal for most of the Marketing Agencies)

  • You get the project; you become the client’s interface. (We help in Proposals, Sales & Client communication). We can also communicate with the client under your company name.
  • You pass the project details to us
  • We provide you the [proposal along with the creative pitch
  • We execute the project.
  • You deliver to the client.
  • Our name doesn’t surface at all. We are your white label creative team.


Reseller Partners (Ideal for most of Freelancers such as photographers, stylist, Art Director, ….)

  • You get the project and we interact with the client. You can use our creative database, our brand name, …
  • the work can be executed by our team and some part by your team if required.
  • Delivery to the client can be done by you or Moksha as per your preferences.