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Leading with Identity

With over a decade of experience, Moksha has been instrumental in developing and implementing support for national ID projects as well as access control and identity-based food distribution projects. Moksha has also collaborated with major corporations in India. Mantra is renowned for its innovations in biometric and RFID technology. We are dedicated to offering cutting-edge, technology-based products and solutions that enhance security and operational efficiency for our customers.

Biometric Technology

Biometrics technology offers unique and precise identification of individuals through various modalities, including fingerprint, iris, facial, and palm vein recognition. These biometric verification and identification devices can be seamlessly integrated

Moksha Integration Modules

Biometrics technology provides unique and accurate identification of individuals using various modalities such as fingerprint, iris, facial, and palm vein recognition. These biometric verification and identification devices can be seamlessly integrated.

Helping Various Sectors

Governments in developing countries are increasingly seeking national ID and citizen verification projects using biometric technology. Similarly, banking and telecommunications companies are employing biometrics to conduct e-KYC for customer onboarding and verification processes.
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Digital ID Services & Onboarding

Biometrics solutions

OEM & integration

Moksha provides governments, public bodies, and commercial organisations with complete identification and biometric solutions in the areas of civil identity and public security in order to fulfil this aim. By using our biometrics knowledge, we can provide identity verification for border crossings and enrollment in national registers.

We provide safe, intuitive, and future-proof mobile IDs, digital identity wallets, platforms, and services to governments as they embrace digital transformation. Through our dependable government partners, we provide our identification and biometric solutions for the government.


(Moksha refrains from discussing government-related projects publicly due to the sensitive nature of these initiatives. This ensures the confidentiality and security of the information involved, aligning with our commitment to safeguarding national interests and upholding the trust placed in us by our government partners.)

Vision & Mission

Our company’s goal is to provide a unique user experience by fusing together intellectual, emotional, and physical components. We frequently maintain client loyalty because of our fundamental principles, which are founded on the mission of our business.