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Celebrating Excellence: Moksha Media Group Shines as India’s Leading Media Tech Company

Times Power Icons 2024

Celebrating Excellence: Moksha Media Group Shines as India’s Leading Media Tech Company

In the bustling heart of Delhi in 2012, a vision took root – a vision called Moksha. It wasn’t just about creating another company; it was about crafting a legacy. A legacy driven by creativity, innovation, and the unwavering ambition to elevate brands to their zenith. From the nascent days of being a beacon for e-commerce giants in still photography and catalog creation, to evolving into a full-spectrum creative, bradning, digital advertising, and media-tech behemoth, our journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

This evolution, marked by a dedication to reimagining brand storytelling and empowering brands to reach their ultimate potential, has led us to a momentous milestone. We are thrilled and humbled to be crowned as the ‘Leading Media Tech Company in India’ at the prestigious Times Power Icons 2024 by The Times Group.

“This accolade is a reflection of our collective journey towards innovation and excellence,” remarks our CEO, Asher T. Gianchandani. “It’s a moment of pride for the entire team and a milestone in our ongoing quest to redefine the media landscape. As we celebrate this achievement, we also set our sights on future horizons, ready to explore new opportunities and continue our story of growth and success.”

This accolade is a testament to our journey, a reflection of our collective brilliance, and a nod to our relentless quest for excellence. It is a tribute to the innovative spirit and tireless work ethic of our team, whose creativity and passion have propelled us to new heights. It is also a heartfelt thank you to our supporters and partners, whose faith in our vision has been unwavering.

As we bask in the glow of this recognition, we remain anchored in our roots while setting our gaze firmly on new horizons. The journey of innovation is endless, and with our legacy of transforming the media tech landscape, we are ready to embrace the future. Our commitment to liberating brands from the mundane and guiding them towards their zenith remains unwavering. We are not just narrating stories; we are making history.

Today, our legacy is not only written in the brands we’ve transformed and the narratives we’ve woven but also in the indelible impact we’ve made in the world of media. With a team that blends the wisdom of experience with the vigor of youth, we continue to sculpt stories, craft legacies, and define the future of branding. Every brand has a story worth telling, and in our hands, it becomes not just a story, but a saga.

Join us in this odyssey, as we continue to redefine excellence and sculpt the future of the media tech industry. With Moksha Media Group, every brand finds its epic tale.

Ready to discover more about our journey and the innovations driving our future? Visit our website at and let’s explore how can collaborate to set new benchmarks in the creative and media-tech world.

Here’s to soaring onward, ready to conquer new challenges and achieve even greater heights. The best is yet to come, and it’s just getting started.

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